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Interpreting: The GOOD BOSS - BAD BOSS Test Results

Boss & Employees don't agree.

When I tested this theory I expected it to be about 80% that wouldn't think the fence would get painted as I've heard figures like this bandied about in the past. (see results below ***)

I was wondering why it is better than I expected and then realised that a decent chunk (but not all) of the people we contacted have had coaching or have clear goals, plans or expectations and some have excellent history for delivering on what they said they would.

One day I might retest truly random people in the street. It will be interesting to see if the numbers change.

What did come out of this is the SIGNIFICANT difference in answer from bosses to employees.

They clearly have a different belief in the likelihood of things happening as intended don't they.

Why is this?

Track record has to be top of the list one expects...

so as a boss what is your track record of insisting things happen without compromise?


*** These were the results: