Motivational Speaking

Meet Deon Aldridge

Key Note speaking is all about capturing the essence of the day's theme; highlighting it to your audience in a short amount of time and leaving them with lasting impressions and insights to take back to their daily lives. It's about value - being able to send everyone off both feeling and being empowered, motivated and knowing a little bit more.

Deon Aldridge delivers captivating and "game changing" presentations and seminars that leave audiences motivated, educated and entertained. The tough talk delivered straight up - Peoples comments frequently range from "Did he just say what I think he did?" to "the most entertaining and eye opening session I have ever been to".

He pushes boundaries, redefines the status quo and leaves you as a better version of yourself.


  • Training Day and Seminars
  • Industry Conferences
  • Corporate Events


  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Change

What can you expect

  • Tailored and researched to fit your industry
  • Interactive sessions with audience participation


  • Skilled and captivating presenter
  • Renown for practical solutions delivered with 'straight up talk'
  • Successful Businessman who walks the walk
  • Builds sales teams that exceed expectations
  • Accomplished business advisor with numerous success stories in many industries, including Forestry, Finance, Transport, Service, Manufacturing, Retail and Trade
  • Down to earth Kiwi who understands people



 The following are from a couple of people who have seen or experienced Deon in presentations or workshops

"We've had the pleasure of Deon Aldridge presenting seminars to our clients on many occasions - and each time we are pleased with the way he engages with the audience, challenges their thinking and stimulates a reaction.  His personable, affable style of delivery ensures his audience are receptive, responsive and ready to apply his tools to their trade.

Kind regards"





"I have heard Deon Aldridge present a number of times and am very impressed with his ability to communicate ideas in a meaningful way.

I was so impressed I asked him to present to our NZ Valuers group and once again he did a great job.  I would highly recommend him"


 Ah-Lek Tay

Registered Valuer, FPINZ, FNZIV

Barlow Justice Limited -Locally owned for 36 years